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We are not your average house concert. Not even close. And here’s why: 


It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-on acoustic guitar-banjo-fiddle-upright-bass Roots/Americana band, or a stripped down, gritty solo guitar-and-harmonica Blues or Folk powerhouse, we offer musicians something that no other venue like ours can - Timberhousepitality.


  • Comfortable, acoustically-rich space and quality, in-house sound and mixing equipment—inspired by Levon Helm’s Midnight Rambles.

  • A home-cooked dinner before the show, lot’s of laughs, and a place to crash for some shut-eye before hitting the road in the morning (after breakfast, of course).

  • World-class photographers that chronicle each show—all edited video and images of which we make available to you, at no charge, for promotional purposes. Check out our video links to see just what we’re talking about.

  • Plus, an audience full of music-lovers that have paid to come listen to every note you play and lyric you sing.

So, whether you’re on tour or booking individual shows, we hope you’ll consider swinging through our neck of the woods. We invite you to be in touch about getting a night at the Timber House on the calendar.

Contact us for more information about performing:

Success! Message received. We will be in touch shortly about your interest in performing at The Timber House.

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