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How it Started
Trevor and Allison Whiting are music lovers, through and through. From before they even met, through all the years they have been traveling this crazy life together, it’s been a significant part of who they are. Whether making their way out to see various artists at festivals or solo shows, or getting out to play a little music themselves, it’s a shared love that’s only getting stronger. Music brings them happiness and it brings people together.  


Around the same time they were building their home they went to the Levon Helm Ramble to see the first of a few concerts. It was those shows that inspired them to create their own version of the Ramble—that beautiful energy and appreciation for live music—in their home, while supporting artists the best way they know how -- paying a fair wage for their talents and offering them a safe space to land before they head back out on the road. 

Our Mission
When Covid-19 hit, they began thinking about how they could amplify the good energy fellow music lovers brought to the space in a way that aligned with their commitment to being “100% for music” and paying musicians a fair wage. 


Because 100% of net ticket sales are paid directly to Timber House artists, they decided that establishing the Timber House as a nonprofit organization was the best way to support and advocate for singer songwriters. It is the mission of the Timber House to provide a welcoming performance space and resources that will help career musicians thrive. 

The Timber House is located on a hillside surrounded by gorgeous hardwoods and farm-fields outside Victor, N.Y., about 20 minutes from Rochester. It’s an amazing place to experience live music while doing a little good at the same time. 

Every dollar, from every ticket is considered a donation, with proceeds going directly to the artist(s). We are proud to be 100% for music, and you should be too! 


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